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These photos were taken on the east coast of Canada, in or around Fredericton. I was there for almost a week celebrating the marriage of Jennifer Wall and James Green, who are my girlfriend's sister and brother in law. We stayed in Fredericton for the whole trip but went exploring most days down Highway 2 and to Saint John. Best meals of the trip were at Tim Horton’s, of course! The girl in the photos is Jacqueline Wall, my girlfriend of many years. She's amazing. She rehabilitates wildlife in California, where we live. Her passion for saving animals and keeping the environment clean is very inspirational. One of her main goals for the trip was to do some bird watching, which she was successful at. The best day from the trip is when we drove down to Nackawic, New Brunswick to see the world’s biggest axe. We ended up finding a trail that was blocked off and hopped the gate and came across an abandoned mill. It was tucked in the back of a long road and behind some trees. It was old and rustic. Very cool. To keep with the vibe of the trip I was insistent on listening to Bryan John Appleby's album Fire on the Vine. One of my favorite albums and definitely fit the mood of wandering through the forests and down dirt roads.

If we could go anywhere next week I think we would go to Nashville, Tennessee. Jacqueline and I have never been and it embodies a lot of things we love. I play guitar and sing in an alternative country band, so it’s definitely where I need to go. We are actually going down to Hollywood next week to catch up with friends and visit some locations on the way. We just couldn't afford Nashville at the moment!

If I were to write a short description of my trip to Canada it would be this: I've never seen a more beautiful sight than a sunrise through the Balsam Fur. The air was crisp and adventure was on our lips, as we drove down the empty highways of Eastern Canada. The food was warm, the people inviting and the sights were breathtaking. My only regret is not having more time.

- John Thatcher


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