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Mom, sister, girlfriend, grandma, wife, daughter, etc. etc. etc. Here's our guide to make holiday shopping for your special gal a little easier. We've got the perfect gift for every lady on your list.

AVW Photography // Hand Printed Photo Block, $75

We used to share a studio with this girl and it's safe to say, Amy is a master of her craft. The amount of time and detail she puts into every piece of her handmade artwork is border-line immeasurable. Amy is an incredibly talented photographer & craft-maker hailing from Canmore, Canada. This hand printed photo block is available in her new collection. Available locally at Market Collective. 

FARM FRESH // The Poet $150

Farm Fresh prides themselves on offering premium sunglasses and the second you try a pair on you will know they aren't  It can be difficult to pick out frames for someone else, but the shape of The Poet is so timeless and effortlessly cool that I predict it being a big hit.  Pictured here in tortoise, with Zeiss polarized lenses that come standard on all Farm Fresh sunglasses. 

Camp Brand Goods // Howlin' Wolf Loose T-Shirt, $45

This will become her go-to t-shirt.  It is so versatile, so flattering, and so comfortable, all at the same time.  Available locally at The Uncommons.

Loyal Loot // Log Bowl, $156

These beautiful bowls are made from reclaimed wood logs. Meticulously sanded and painted to perfection, there isn't a single visitor to our home that doesn't ask about this bowl. There’s not much more to say about them as we’d rather just let their good looks do the talking. 

LUSH // Big Shampoo, $27

Where do we even start with this stuff?! This is, by far, our favourite beauty product on the market. Made with coarse sea salt, extra virgin coconut oil, avocado and lime, this shampoo leaves your hair soft, shiny and voluminous. No brainer.

CoutuKitsch // Quartz Cuff, $44

I chose this cuff from CoutuKitsch’s Summer Collection because I rarely leave home without it, but you really couldn’t go wrong gifting any of their handcrafted pieces to the ladies in your life.  Available locally at Market Collective.

Mollyjogger // Angler’s Handkerchief, $10

Mollyjogger is one of our favourite online General Stores. They carry an expertly curated selection of their own products alongside some staples from a variety of other brands. This angler’s handkerchief is the perfect addition to anybody’s breast pocket, back pocket, vest pocket or pretty much any other pocket you can think of.

Camp Brand Goods // Watchman Toque, $20

Your ears are your eyes to the world's sounds.  Keep them safe.  Available locally at The Uncommons.

Juniper Ridge // Campfire Incense, $10

There’s really no better sleep than one spent in the middle of the forest. The cold air on your face while the rest of you is toasty warm inside your sleeping bag. The smell of the evening’s campfire still lingering in the air. The faint nature sounds in the distance of cracking branches that's maybe a bear but probably isn't... but it probably is. Now you really wish you didn't bring that Snickers bar into the tent with you. In the middle of a busy week, lighting this incense will transport you to that place, but in the safety of your own home.  Available locally at North American Quality Purveyors.

Rohan Anderson // Whole Larder Love, $35

A combination recipe book / hand guide for anyone interested in hunting, growing, fishing, and foraging for their own sustainable, fresh and humane food. Available at any major book retailer, as well as Trove General Store.

Camp Brand Goods // Rocky Mountain Crewneck, $80

This guy is one of our proudest accomplishments.  No matter which of our crewnecks you decide to gift this year, just make sure that you pick one that you really like, because you are going to be seeing A LOT of it.  Sold locally at The Uncommons.


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