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Our curated guide to the best gifts for the little guys and girls in your life this holiday season.

Camp Wolf // Archer Denim Jacket $65

It should be fun to sit down once in a while and go through photos of yourself when you were young. It's even better when you realize your parents had impeccable taste and didn't dress you up like a little clown. Do your youngster a favour and treat them to this Camp Wolf jacket.  Made with upcycled denim and Pendleton wool, they will be sure to impress everyone in the campground, er…playground.

Camp Brand Goods // Toddler McNeilly T-Shirt $25

One of our favourite t's from our new collection also comes in toddler size! Available locally at The Uncommons.

AREAWARE // Alphabet Blocks $75

In today's tech world it nice to get back to the basics every one and awhile. The great thing about these alphabet blocks is that they come with no rules and no instructions. Kids get to make up their own rules and play away. Invest in some blocks and you'll have a little Einstein on you hands before you know it!  Available locally at The Uncommons.

Camp Brand Goods // Happy Camper 2.0 Toddler Fleece Crewneck $40

Stain resistant, tear resistant, dirt resistant…just kidding.  They are super comfy though! 

Freshly Picked // Moccasins $60

If you haven't seen or heard of Freshly Picked moccasins before then it is a pleasure to introduce you to one of favourite finds of the past year. It's not just us though, pretty much every celebrity with a little tyke to dress has picked up a pair. Impeccably crafted and handmade in the good ol' US of A, these moc's are available in every colour under the sun. Go see for yourself.

Puppy Dog // Airedale Terrier

Puppies aren't something we recommend for every family. However, childhood (actually, life at all stages) is about 1,000,000,000 times better with a dog around.  Available locally at the Calgary Humane Society.


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