Our last minute guide to the best gifts for your special outdoorsman.

The Strumbellas // We Still Move On Dancefloors Vinyl $25

 If you haven’t checked out the Strumbellas yet, you’re doing it all wrong.  This album, along with their first, My Father and The Hunter, have provided the soundtrack to countless road trips, dinner parties, camping trips, dance parties, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  You can thank us later…like maybe at our next Camp party because these guys always seem to be the musical entertainment.  And boy do they entertain.


Camp Brand Goods // The McNeilly T-Shirt $35

I spent every summer of my childhood driving around North America in my dad’s truck & camper searching for trout for my his taxidermy collection. This shirt pretty much sums it all up.  Available locally at The Uncommons.

Mollyjogger // Deer Camp Dopp Bag $65

 A stylish vessel for all his hygiene products. Made from durable CORDOVA®, premium leather accents and a burly brass zipper. A well needed upgrade from the ziploc back he keeps his toothbrush in when you go on road trips. Available at

Filson // The Original Wool Shirt $195

Hands down the highest quality wool shirt on the market. Tightly woven (no itch) worsted Merino wool yarns and Filson grade product quality equals superior wamth, comfort and durability.  This shirt is made to last your entire lifetime, and really what more can you ask for?  Available locally at Hanson's Fishing Outfitters.


Stanley // 1.1QT Vacuum Bottle $38

Now giving a vacuum bottle as a Christmas gift might seem a little like gifting socks and underwear but believe me, it’s not. A Stanley Vacuum Bottle is so much more than just a capsule to keep your drinks piping hot or icy cold for up to 24 hours. It’s a memory maker. When you’re at the cabin this Christmas and you are skating across the crystal clear frozen lake under a full moon and a billion shining stars, your trusty Stanley filled with hot chocolate and maybe a little something extra *wink wink, will be the lifeblood of your chilly evening on the ice.  Available locally at Lukes Drug Mart.

Little Lion Man // Leather Belt $75

If there is one fear that stays with a man since childhood it is getting pantsed in public. With the fine craftsmanship and high quality of a Little Lion Man Leather Belt you can put that worry to rest. Made from a single piece of robust leather and adorned with a buckle of your choosing this belt only gets nicer the more it gets worn. Having logged 365 days of use I can honestly say this is the best belt I have ever owned.  Available locally at Market Collective.

Camp Brand Goods // Heritage Logo Toque $20

A classic toque made to withstand the harsh elements on a Rocky Mountain winter.  Available locally at The Uncommons.


Best Made Co. // Hudsons Bay Axe $140

Unfinished, unpainted, unadorned. Ready for you to make your mark in paint or stain, or simply bring out the grain with a quick coat of oil. This was my Christmas present to myself this year. The Hudson Bay Axe is the perfect backcountry tool. A medium sized axe that is every bit capable of getting the big jobs done. At $140 bucks it’s not cheap but the quality is top notch and I look forward to it being a trusty companion on many adventures for years to come.


Portsmith Co. // Fulcro Bottle Opener $22

This credit card sized stainless steel bottle opener is expertly handcrafted and ready for action.  It fits perfectly in your wallet so you can still enjoy your beer even when you can’t find a lighter, a counter top, or your teeth.


Camp Brand Goods // Assorted Patch Pouch $12



Juniper Ridge // Backpacker Cologne $122 and Trail Soap $35

As the world’s only wild fragrance company, these backpacking wizards distill colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings found hiking the backcountry. I kid you not, a dab or two of their backpackers cologne or a good scrub with their trail soap and you will be immediately transported to the mountains and woods where your fragrance came from. Better yet, even though your desk job and inner city lifestyle might keep you from hitting the open trails every day of the week, you can at least smell the part when you are chatting up the opposite sex about how adventurous you are. 

Camp Brand Goods // Heritage Crest Crewneck $80

When it comes to gifting a Camp Brand Goods Crewneck Sweatshirt there are only two possible scenarios. 1.) The gift receiver has heard of or already owns a Camp sweatshirt and is so overcome with joy and gratitude you immediately become their best friend. 2.) The gift receiver has never heard of or owned a Camp sweatshirt and upon trying on the most comfortable piece of clothing they have ever owned is so overcome with joy and gratitude you immediately become their best friend. Either way you are gift giver of the year so pat yourself on the back and pour yourself another eggnog and rum. Your job here is done.  Available locally at The Uncommons.


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