CONTEST ALERT!!! CONTEST ALERT!!! CONTEST ALERT!!! It has been a year since we launched our #keepitwild photo contest. At the end of this month we will be shutting it down. This doesn’t mean you can stop using the hash tag though! There have been sooooooo many amazing entries that we don’t feel it’s fair to post just one photo a week. From April onwards we will be reposting photos marked #keepitwild multiple times a week to show off the awesome adventures you guys are having! With that said, may we introduce the Camp Brand Goods KEEP IT WILD Super Contest!

Starting right this minute, and until March 31st 2013, any #keepitwild photo entries will be entered to win a Camp Brand Goods adventure pack worth $500!!! That is a lot of t-shirts, sweatshirts, toques, hats and a bunch of other fun stuff we have coming out this summer.


1.) Use the hashtags: #keepitwild and #campbrandgoods

2.) Tag @campbrandgoods in your photo

So easy, right? This time we are switching things up a bit though. At the end of the month we will pick our 5 favorite entries and post them first thing in the morning on Tuesday, April 1st. These 5 entries will be judged by the amount of likes they receive. It will be a one day blitz Keep It Wild popularity contest. At 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time we will tally the likes and the winner gets the Grand Prize. We pick, you vote, they win. So, get out there, take some pictures of you enjoying the outdoors, and post them on Instagram! It can be selfies, pure nature shots, some death-defying stunt (do not kill yourself), whatever you want, just make it a good!

*Please note: You don’t have to be wearing any Camp Brand Goods gear, but we sure like it when you do!