Hey Kylie! Your photos are awesome! Where was this series of photo's shot?

Thanks so much! Too kind. I shot these in Joshua Tree National Park, California. One of my favorite camping spots in the high desert. You'll have to come down and visit! 

What’s one thing from this trip that you would insist other people must see if they are there?

The stars at night. The sky is unreal. You can see everything so clearly for miles, and the glow of the nearest city is in the far, far distance. It's quiet and peaceful, and the perfect place to stargaze. It's super fun to stay up late and climb on rocks (carefully) to find a good spot to shoot long exposures as well. 

What’s your favorite camping food?

Oh boy! That's hard because I love food and I went from ghetto camping food as a college student living on hot dogs and marshmallows to a more respectable diet of pre-prepped meals and tasty desserts. I have a major sweet tooth so there are always s'mores involved after dinner, but in addition I like to make a nice pear crisp. I usually bring it in tinfoil already prepared, and then I dump it in a pot to heat up over the fire. It's divine. I tend to just want to eat sugar instead of food, so I force myself to make a decent meal as well. Right now we're really enjoying a medley of sweet potatoes, black beans, quinoa and green chilies with fresh lime squeezed on top. Or a simple BBQ chicken with veggies. I gotta say my husband's breakfasts of banana chocolate chip (oops, here I go again with the sugar...) pancakes with eggs and bacon is pretty killer in the outdoors as well.

Do you have a favorite trip or a favorite place you’ve ever been?

Currently, the Eastern Sierras. I just got back and it blew my mind.

You live in Los Angeles. We were just there in February. That is one big and confusing city. What are your top 3 things to do in LA?

Oh man! Would have loved to meet you guys! Next time, okay? Yes, it is a big crazy confusing city. After living here for just over two years, I think I've finally figured out how to get to Costco without relying on Google maps (yes, I'm that bad). I usually just spout off freeways trying to sound local, but I have no idea what's happening without my GPS. I have a tendency to get OUT of the city more than stay in it, but to recommend LA hot spots I definitely say my top 3 would be 1) Malibu because it's a more chill beach vibe and fun surf spots. 2) Santa Monica pier and Santa Monica promenade because it's basically a party on the pier with the iconic ferris wheel, arcades, restaurants, board walk, beach, the works - all across from an open-air outdoor shopping center. A fun fusion of city and beach life. Lastly, 3) Hiking in Topanga Canyon. It's such a pretty place and a great way to get away and hit the trails, but still be close to the city. Everything else I'd recommend involves a long list of delicious restaurants all throughout LA. 

So you are 1/3 of a group of look-a-likes. What’s the story behind the @travelingtriplets.

Ha! Love this! Just laughed out loud. YES! It's true - I'm an identical triplet. Basically my mom is a super mom. We were all natural and a complete surprise, and they're my best friends in the entire world. It's pretty much like being only 1/3 of a person. I am definitely not whole without them, and we are in a constant string of conversation via text, phone, email, blog comments, Instagram, etc. It's a bit ridiculous but we love it (and each other). Between the three of us we have traveled a ton of different places and done all kinds of wild things, and we were getting asked all the time, "How do you do it?" "Where'd you go?" "What do you recommend?" for all kinds of things and places, and we got sick of repeating ourselves (in the best way possible), so we decided to make a blog about it. That's when TravelingTriplets.com was born and ever sense it's evolved into what it is today. 

You're married, your husband is a talented cinematographer, and you own a production company together. That’s really cool. How did you meet?

Thanks! We're lucky we have a lot of similar interests so we can really lean on each other creatively. We met in college my freshman year. I honestly have no idea why he gave me a chance, as he was a whopping five years older than me. He apparently had seen me as "the triplet with the red backpack" and had his eye on me for some time, but never made a move. I was completely ignorant to all that and met him when he was playing in his then-band, Party Pandas, as a bassist dressed like a skeleton. I had a thing for that, so I worked my magic and did a little research with the help of our beloved 2006-it-was-cool MySpace.com. After an unnecessary amount of stalking and casual message swapping about things like the Beatles and John Lennon, we finally started hanging out and with the help of Guitar Hero marathons and a winter skiing on the mountain. We eventually fell in love and were later married.

You guys do a lot of trips together. What’s one thing camping and the outdoors has taught you about your relationship?

I love this question. To simplify. We are minimalists at heart. People come to my house and look around and appreciate the fact that I'm a minimalist, and I can't decide if it's the fact that I can't get what I want or that I don't know what I want. We like to keep things simple - the outdoors is a humble reminder that you don't need much to be happy. Too often we convince ourselves we need all this cool stuff, when really - we don't. Mother Nature is a great way to keep me grounded, and I always find peace and clarity when I'm in the outdoors. As a couple, we remember this and spend our money on gas to get places instead of stuff to jam in our closets. Happiness in life is all about our lived experiences, not acquired things. 

Any trips planned for the summer?

Always! We are headed to Big Sur, and later this summer we will very likely take another trip to the Oregon Coast. Planning to go to Northern Idaho as well, and possibly cross over into Canada. It's all up in the air until the night before, but we've always got something up our sleeves. It's an itch you can never stop scratching. 

You keep a journal. Are you a doodler? Draw a self-portrait with your eyes closed.

Oh my gosh. I just died reading this because I totally do. In fact, I started a new journal on my recent trip to the Sierras where I decided to chronicle my travels all in drawn form. Mind you, I am truly not an artist. My drawings suck. Laughable, really. But I am a visual learner. That's why I do what I do! And my self-portrait is just terrible.


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