Meet the team: Ben

Meet the team: Ben

Meet the team: Ben

Lockdown Journal

I’ve not always been a morning person but now it’s my favourite part of the day. I wake up early between 4.30a and 5.00a. Our cats know the routine and get up with me for an early breakfast, although they quickly become what I call the ‘back to bed babies’. I brew a coffee in a teapot and start my morning pages. Morning Pages photo

I was introduced to Julia Camerons morning pages in 2017 and wish I could say I’ve been writing them since then, but after starting and stopping several times I started up again in February and haven't looked back.

Once my pages are done, this takes me 30-45 minutes, it’s time to head out to shoot todays photo for our Good Morning Calgary photo series. I started Good Morning Calgary in November 2019 after hearing the Rich Roll podcast episode with Chase Jarvis: ‘Creativity Is Our Birthright’ where they discuss establishing a daily creative practice. Although my studies and work exist in the creative world, I’ve never established a daily creative practice in the way Julia and Chase described it. I wanted to create something I could anchor my morning around and I wanted to get outside. The solution has been to capture sunrise over downtown Calgary each morning. The experience so far has brung much joy to my mornings in tracking the day to day changes.

Once the Good Morning Calgary photo is posted to the Camp Instagram Story I use the Waking Up App for a daily meditation. After trying a couple of other meditation apps I found I connected the most with Sams way of presenting the practice.




For breakfast today is a smoothie then it’s time to think about heading in to work. I fill several roles with Camp. We are a small team with many tasks to be done, and depending on the day I can be doing anything from packing and shipping online orders to taking photos, working on the website or helping with future collections. Throughout the lockdown I've been splitting my time between working from home and being at the shop packing orders. 

The evenings are getting longer and it’s been nice to move from inside to outside to read on the stoop. 



Dinner tonight is a tofu katsu curry. Meagan and I both enjoy to cook; I make the tofu and rice while Meagan makes the katsu curry sauce. We watch 2 episodes of the The Last Dance with a huge bowl of popcorn, then I’m in bed by 9.30p usually falling asleep to a podcast.

Lockdown notes:

Morning Pages

The Artist Way by Julia Cameron contains everything you need to know about Morning pages and many more creative practices.

Waking Up app

If you want to give meditation a shot and I highly recommend you do, the Waking Up app has a great 50 day introduction to meditation. Although the app does require a subscription to access all features Sam does not want money to get in the way of people accessing the app and will grant a years free subscription to anyone who emails in. 

Books read:

Blue the colour of distance — Rebecca Solnit
A Space Oddyssey 2001 — Authur C Clarke 
A Space Oddessy 2010 — Authur C Clarke
Call of the Wild: My Escape to Alaska — Guy Grieve

Playlist of a few songs we listened to while packing up the Great Indoors orders:


Movies/TV/Documentaries watched:

Gravity - Netflix
Nightmare on Elm St
Happy People - Prime
The Last Dance - Netflix

Questions from the team: 

We all contributed to a google doc of questions, I chose just a few:

What’s your favourite vine? (not the plant, the videos)

I couldn't find my favourite vine on the archived version of the site. But this is such a great question. So here is an Instagram video I've been returning to a lot recently.


What’s something you’re proud of?

Good Morning Calgary!

What’s something you couldn’t live without. Explain.
With 3 months of morning pages behind me I don't know how I'd begin my day without them and feels like something I couldn't live without. hopefully I'm not speaking to early.

What was your first job?

My first job was when I was 12 or so. I was mowing the lawns at the school my Dad was principal of at the time. I would do about 4hrs a fortnight and get paid $40. I couldn't believe it, I felt like I was robbing them.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

We're in Canada aren't we?! It's not something I choose, but I certainly don't mind a pizza with pineapple on it. 

Favourite neighbourhood business?

Sought & Found coffee roasters, absolutely my favourite coffee in town.


Thanks for reading and take care!


  • Awesome insights…. love that morning routine Nothing like starting with purpose .

    Richard on

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