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Where are these photos taken?


These photos were taken in a place known as Lions Bay. It's a small community in between Vancouver and Squamish. 


What made you want to go there?


I wanted to go somewhere with a good balance of cool forests and epic coastlines to explore. The days are short in December so we couldn't go too far. 


What's something fun to do in/around Vancouver that most people wouldn't know about?


Lions Bay is actually one of my favourite spots to check out in the summer. There are a bunch of cliffs to jump off and hang out around, some people even pack in bb-q's and make a day out of it. If you're lucky, the sea lions might even stop by for while. 


Who is your friend in your photos?


That's my good friend Steve Schneider, he was in town for a while visiting from Edmonton. The guy is super talented at whatever he does, especially music. His band just finished recording an album which I'm pretty stoked for! We we're also accompanied by Steve's brother Caleb and my friend Jordan Ettinger. 


What 4 attributes make for the best road trip/adventure partner?


Someone who is spontaneous, you can't always be following a strict schedule. Sense of humour, you need to be able to laugh it off when things go horribly wrong. Patience is important, no need to rush anything. And reliability, don't be flaky. 


Where are some places you'd like to visit this summer?


I've yet to leave this continent or go anywhere tropical so I'm planning on spending some time in Indonesia later this year. I'd also love to explore more of Washington/Oregon and Vancouver Island. 



What music do you listen to when you hit the road?


I'm not very picky when it comes to music, I'll listen to pretty much anything. Lately it's been a lot of Typhoon, Volcano Choir, The National and Nature Of (Steve's band). 


Describe the best camping trip you have been on.


I used to go on a lengthy canoe trip every year with my Dad to Murtle Lake, just outside of Blue River. You could spend weeks paddling around that place, tons of amazing beaches and islands to camp on. Hopefully we can get out there again soon!


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