Mind your P's and FAQ's

Where are Camp Brand Goods garments made?

Camp Brand Goods is a Canadian owned and operated company. Our graphics are designed and screen printed in Calgary, Alberta. Camp Brand Goods apparel is constructed offshore and in the USA. The manufacturers we partner with abide by strict rules and regulations ensuring our garments are ethically sourced and produced in a sweat-shop free environment. Camp Brand Goods is a member of Fashion Revolution, an organization dedicated to transparency in the fashion industry. http://fashionrevolution.org/  #whomademyclothes

What do you mean by Camp is 'Outdoor Casual Wear'?

Our clothes are super soft and high quality but they definitely are not going to save your life on Everest. We layer our goods and hike in them all the time but they are definitely not considered technical. Our triblend fabric is actually really good at wicking away moisture and it feels so nice as a base layer. Our clothes are for kickin' it just about anywhere but if you are heading into the backcountry you best be preparing for all conditions just incase.  

I input my shipping address wrong; who do I contact to fix it?

Contact hello@campbrandgoods.com with the following information: Your name, order number, and the correct address you'd like us to use. We will do our best to fix your address but if the item has already shipped, it is very hard for us to redirect your package.

I am an American customer; why did my checkout total change to a higher price?

Lucky you! The American Dollar is kicking Canada's ass right now so you just got a smokin' deal. If you've found the currency converter left of the page, that nifty tool will show you the prices on all of our products in whatever currency you choose. However, Shopify only lets us have one currency type available to be shown at final Checkout and, since we're a Canadian company, we chose CAD. Although our website shows your final cart total in CAD, you will still be charged in your domestic currency based on daily conversion rates. Rest assured, the price you will pay has not changed. 

Will my Sweater or T-Shirt shrink in the wash?

All Camp Brand Goods garments are preshrunk. That being said, minimal shrinkage is still possible. Garments made of 100% Cotton are more susceptible to shrinkage than our Triblend garments, please take special care when laundering these items.

Due to the printing methods we use on our fleece products, we recommend washing all Camp Brand Goods fleece apparel in cold water and hanging to dry. Laundering your garments in hot water and placing them in the dryer may result in unwanted cracking of the design and quicker aging.   

My boyfriend/girlfriend/sibling keeps stealing my Camp stuff. What should I do?

We hear this all the time. Unfortunately it comes with the territory of owning clothes that are this comfortable. We've found that the best course of action is to just buy them some Camp of their own. That or make sure you keep all your Camp gear under lock and key. 

Who do I contact for wholesale inquiries?

Please email wholesale@campbrandgoods.com and include the name of your store, any social media links or websites, other brands you carry, and the location of your store. 

I am a Calgary resident; can I opt out of shipping and pick my order up instead? 

There is an option at Checkout to choose: ‘Free Pick-up at The Livery Shop’. Select that option and you will be emailed a notification when your order is ready to be picked up.

The Livery Shop is located at 1119 10th Ave. SE, Calgary, Alberta.

Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 11 am - 5 pm.

I am a Calgary resident and want to return an item I purchased online. Can I return it at The Livery Shop?

Yes, you can return your item at The Livery Shop. Please email returns@campbrandgoods.com and we will provide you with more information on curbside drop offs.