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Of Two Lands is made up of French/ Australian couple Florent and Amberly, currently residing in Sydney, Australia. At their best they enjoy documenting interesting characters and places through film, stills, and illustration. 

This past October we packed up our suburban city life in Sydney and traded it for a true outdoor experience, surrounded by the lakes and mountains of Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island. We were fortunate to be selected by Lake Wanaka Tourism NZ to act as regional influencers where we got to ‘live like locals’ and document the beautiful area by mediums of films & stills, while sharing the experience through social media.

Our time there was nothing short of awesome! The city is driven by the outdoors, with loads of hiking and adventures to be had, encompassing all of the beautiful scenery to go with it. With everything at close proximity to the town centre, a day could be packed with as much or as little as one pleases.

On this particular weekend we got up very early Saturday morning (5:00 am !!) and left to climb Mt. Iron to be at the top for sunrise. We watched the first rays of sun illuminate the valley, with the iconic sound of a rooster in a farm below signalling the start of the day for the city. What better way to start our weekend?

After our early morning hike, we took a drive along the scenic shores of Wanaka and stopped for a lakeside lunch followed by a lazy stroll at Eely Point. We decided we'd head to Lake Hawea to spend the night and do some stargazing in our trusty camper van. After cooking up some dinner, we waited for the sky to be just dark enough to see stars. We were definitely (not!) disappointed by the magnificent sight of millions of stars overhead. The skies in the area were particularly dark that night, with next to no light-pollution, which made them absolutely breathtaking to behold (and to photograph!).

We have never slept so well (must've been all the fresh air!) and will never forget what an incredible experience it was. By far the best weekend. Ever.

See more world travel from Amberly and Florent // oftwolands.com

Photography and words by: Of Two Lands


Outdoor Aesthetics said:

Great pictures!

Cheri. Johnson Miller said:

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