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Dear Santa (aka Mom & Dad)— All we want for Christmas is all of this.

It wouldn’t be the holiday season if we didn’t round up all of our most favourite and sought-after worldly possessions, lay them out on our kitchen table, and assemble a visual wish list to pass on to our parents and other loved ones.

While all the ill-fitting Hawaiian button-ups, plush frog slippers and $7 bottles of wine are nice, we thought it was about time to take matters into our own hands. And let’s face it, no one can pull off that overly enthusiast teeth-baring grin as well as they might think as they unwrap said gifts year after year. So here it is, our very own Camp Holiday Wish List to the rescue! Feel free to circulate to your heart’s content. You’ll thank us later.

Stanley // Vacuum Steel Grumbler

Perfect for those days when you just need exactly 32oz. of your favourite microbrew in hand at all times… You guys have days like that too, right?!


Camp Brand Goods // Peak Crewneck

When it comes to gifting a Camp Brand Goods Crewneck Sweatshirt there are only two possible scenarios.

1) The gift receiver has heard of or already owns a Camp sweatshirt, therefore is so overcome with joy and gratitude that you immediately become their new best friend.

2) The gift receiver has never heard of or owned a Camp sweatshirt, therefore upon trying on the most comfortable piece of clothing they have now ever owned, is so overcome with joy and gratitude that you immediately become their new best friend.

Either way you are gift giver of the year, so pat yourself on the back and pour yourself another rum and eggnog! Your job here is done.


Treeline Outdoors // The Skookumchuck Sock

Look down. The feet in your shoes might be the only two feet you ever get, so you’ve gotta treat ‘em right. These bad boys will keep you warm and dry, and they have recently been proven by scientists to enhance your snowball fighting skills (source unknown).


Camp Brand Goods // Backcountry Spice Kit

Raise your hand if you’re completely content just eating hot dogs and instant noodles when you're out camping. Okay, great! Now move along to the next item.

.....Didn't raise your hand? Okay, great! This spice kit was designed for you and the rest of us who prefer to eat like royalty wherever life takes us, be it the comfort of our own cabin kitchens, or out on the trail.   #yum

Click here to see how we use the CBG Spice Kit in our Good Food recipes! 

Camp Brand Goods // Enamel Mug

These enamel mugs make the perfect gift, based on our observation of 9/10 enamel mug recipients exclaiming precisely, “Oh wow! This enamel mug is the perfect gift!”

Pretty good odds in our opinion. 


Treehouse Chocolate Co. // Camp Drinking Chocolate

You’re going to need something to put in that enamel mug, so feel free to tuck yourself right into this coffee-infused drinking chocolate. Don't mind if we do!


Camp Brand Goods // Heritage Toque

A classic fitting toque made to withstand the harsh elements of a Rocky Mountain winter, as well as the harsh elements of a bad hair day. Two birds, one toque. 


Explorer's Press // Headed Somewhere Keychain

Everyone has keys, but not everyone has a keychain, especially not one that reminds you that you're going somewhere in life. Not that we'd know or anything, but this is far more economical than seeing a therapist once a week. 


Kimberlin & Camp Brand Goods // Embroidered Patches

These little guys make the best stocking stuffers. Slap ‘em on your backpack, your denim jacket, your fishing vest, or your underwear (we won't tell a soul)!


Happy Spritz // Woodsy Lumberjack Aromatherapy Mist

Here’s to hoping that aromatherapy is the only therapy you need this holiday season. This blend of cedarwood, pine and a touch of mint smells just like fresh mountain air! No word of a lie.


Sydney Hale Co. // Cedarwood & Vanilla Candle

If the aromatherapy mist doesn't seem like enough to transport you into an imaginary mountain village wonderland, these candles by Syndey Hale Co. should do the trick! There’s no other way to put it—these candles are just the best.


Sugar Water // Cola Syrup

Don't be fooled by the scientific label on the bottle. The secret ingredient to this stuff is actually 'deliciousness!' (Yes it's a thing).  

See how we used it in one of our new favourite cocktail recipes over here on Good Food!


Raen // Remmy Sunglasses

Jeepers, creepers, where’d ya get those peepers?!  Handmade quality frames made from renewable resources, we think Raen sunglasses are simply a cut above the rest—and seeing as we have eyes, you can clearly trust us! 


To shop the latest gifts from Camp Brand Goods // click here

Photography by: Cory Giordano


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