Midweight Organic Cotton

Used for our Unisex & Women's Everyday T-Shirts

We developed this fabric with our mill in Los Angeles because we wanted something natural, soft and light but wasn’t going to run the risk of being transparent.

We use high grade 30 singles ringspun cotton. This type of cotton is considerably more expensive than typical open end cotton found in standard t-shirts but is much stronger and softer feeling. A standard t-shirt usually uses a jersey fabric that is 4.5-5oz. Our organic cotton jersey is 6.5-7oz. The combination of the high quality 30 singles yarn and the additional fabric weight means we can deliver a t-shirt that will feel better, drape nicer and last way longer than a standard tee.

The benefits to using Organic cotton instead of conventional cotton are substantial. Organic cotton is free of pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals typically used in conventional cotton farming. This is better for the soil, the environment, the workers and you. Organic cotton uses 88% less water to grow and 62% less energy. Our Organic Cotton is sourced using ethical farming practices in India.

Midweight Recover

Used for our Unisex & Women's Everyday T-Shirts

Recover is made from an upcycled cotton and recycled polyester blend that gives this fabric its vintage look and feel. This fabric is soft, strong, breathable and better yet, it’s made using closed loop no waste manufacturing. Cotton scraps, recycled garments and old water bottles are saved from the landfill and milled into fabric + any fabric scrap created when cutting the t-shirts is sent back and recycled into new fabric. This fabric also uses a high quality 30 singles yarn and the fabric weight is 6-6.5oz. Recover is made in Spain by the Ferre Family, an industry leader in textile development with over 100 years of experience.

Heavyweight Organic Cotton

Used for our Unisex & Women's Uniform T-Shirts

Most heavy weight cotton jerseys are made from 18 singles open end yarn which is coarse, scratchy and not very enjoyable to wear. To make our heavy weight jersey, we took the same 30 singles organic cotton yarn found in our midweight jersey and twisted two yarns together. The result is a heavyweight cotton jersey that is super strong, has great shape but unlike other heavy-weight jerseys has a smooth buttery feel. The fabric has weight of 11.5-12oz.