The Unisex Everyday T-Shirt

This t-shirt is our go to for every day of the week. This tee features a slim fit and added length. It also has a 2ply curved hem at the bottom which adds some extra weight to keep your shirt down. Low Impact garment dyed and washed for extra softness. We named it for what it is, an every day essential.

Our Go To For Every Day Of The Week.

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The Unisex Uniform T-Shirt

Our heavyweight organic cotton jersey is double the weight of our Everyday tee but still equally as soft and breathable. This is our workhorse tee, ready for anything you throw its way. This tee features a standard body shape, thick ribbed neckline for added strength and longer sleeves which can be easily cuffed. We slightly tapered the cut of this t-shirt so the bottom doesn’t flare out which was a problem we found with other heavyweight tees. Low Impact garment dyed and washed for extra softness.

Our Workhorse T-Shirt. A Heavy Weight Tee That Is Soft As Hell.

A heavy weight tee that is soft as hell with none of the roughness you would expect from heavy weight cotton.

Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton

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