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Showering á la water bottle in a parking lot. The struggle is real people. Actually, the struggle sounds kind of awesome doesn't it? Imagine a life on the road, in a home riding on four wheels, one you envisioned, designed, and more or less built yourself, containing only your most favourite and essential belongings and people (no room for a vacuum cleaner!), having the ability to just go

Vanlife isn't just a mystical thing of the 60's. Even the non-hippies and faint at heart are likely to day dream at least once in their lifetime about packing it all up and hitting the dusty trail. And really, does "Van Fried Rice"(p.161) not just sound like the most delicious (and punny) meal to eat after an early rise on the road and a sunset surf?

Well, we think Calum Creasey and Lauren Smith of The Rolling Home are onto something that many VW buffs, dream chasers and the like had discovered some decades ago! In a world that seems to be running at warp-speed with emphasis on achieving the conventional (*yawn*.... the "American Dream" should be dead by now right?), it's just plain and simply refreshing to see folks taking the backroads in life. This is why we're big fans of the ambitious, creative, and English duo's new book!

A few years ago the UK couple made a decision, a list, and checked it twice (well we're not sure how many times they checked it), but what matters is that they're really doing it, and seemingly haven't looked back since! They've packed up their lives and made everything mobile all inside their beloved refurbished VW T4 Panel van, and we love seeing every bit of stealth camping and "gatecrashing", pocket philosophy, emergency repairs, and "shower struggles" through their eyes in their newly released (and beautiful!) book. 

So without further ado, here's a look inside of this more-than-just-a-coffee-table-book, book that we have been itching to get our hands on ever since we first heard of this quaintly accented pair!

A Labour of Love
"The Rolling Home was a shell when we bought it. We opted to take a little time before starting to convert it. Laying down masking tape in all sorts of arrangements to find the best layout."

Shower Struggles
"Shower struggles are not my favourite, but it's all part of the fun."

Food, Glorious Food
"Someone wise once said- When on the road, the only cares in the World are having enough fuel to keep moving, a safe place to sleep, and enough food for the journey ahead." 

To grab a copy of The Rolling Home  // Click Here

Images and quotes by: The Rolling Home

The Rolling Home is the current life, work, and home of UK based couple Lauren Smith and Calum Creasey. 

"In the Spring of 2010 we bought a sorry looking Volkswagen T4 van. With a very small budget and a lot of imagination we slowly created our dream home. Over the past 5 years we have travelled more than 80000 miles across Europe in The Rolling Home."

-Calum & Lauren 


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