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Well it's been a few months since we tooted the Strumbellas' horn, but with the Junos only a couple days away, and the Strummies getting their second Juno nod in two years we feel like this is a better time than any. First things first, have you heard these guys?!?!?! If you haven't, don't sweat it... Just kidding, do sweat it. You should actually be super dehydrated because you have perspired so much. These guys (and girl) rule. You need to be listening to their new album, We Still Move On Dance Floors, and while you are at it you should be listening to their debut album, My Father and the Hunter. We recently caught up with Dave Ritter, keyboardist of The Strumbellas and got down to task asking the hard hitting questions. (Photo by: Heather Pollock)


1. Spell ‘Strumbellas' backwards


S, G, O, D, [space], P, E, E, wait, FRIG!


2. As a band, what’s your favourite colour?


Puce, because looking at it hurts so good. No, um, judging by the shirts we all wear constantly, the answer would have to be black.


3. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your entire life, what would it be? (and it can't be 'Show Me Love' from Robyn)


Can it be 'Hang With Me' by Robyn? No? Ok let me think... It might be 'Good Vibrations' or 'Don't Worry Baby' by The Beach Boys or 'Gimme Shelter' by The Stones... or Springsteen's 'Racing In The Street'... Simon would probably say 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and he'd only be kidding a little bit.


4. Favourite show you’ve ever played and why? (PS, it has to be a Camp party)


Turns out it's a three way tie between our three Camp shows. Though the first one has a slight edge because it deteriorated into a dance party that was so intense that Izzy literally ate hardwood and sprained her wrist. It was like: *dancing, dancing, dancing... losing it, fallingCRUNCH*. She had to go to the hospital and played the next night's show in a wrist brace. Maha.


5. Who would you say is the best looking member of the Strumbellas?


This is an easy one. It's Darryl. I mean just look at the guy. All that salt and pepper in his beard? He looks like a cross between a hot guy and a really nice Dad.


If you asked everyone in the band to rate everyone else in the band according to looks, Darryl would be #1 on everyone's list. No question. Who people would rate from 2 - 6 is anyone's guess.


6. What time is it?


It's literally 4:44pm. I'm not even making that up.


7. Tell us about a time you used your problem solving skills to resolve a conflict


Um, "threats" count as problem solving skills, right?


8. (3 x 4)/2 + 15 = ?


21. It's definitely 21. I know that for sure because I haven't done math in a decade.


9. Do you guys listen to your own music on your free time?


We each approach this differently. For a handful of us the answer is 'never'. For others I'd say it's 'sometimes' or 'occasionally'. With one member I'd say the answer is 'sort of constantly' but I won't tell you who that is.


10. I heard that you guys were in jail last weekend and that the majority of you are sleeping with kim kardashian, can you comment on this?


I'm Kanye West.


And there you have it, folks! Once again, Camp Brand Goods brings you the nitty gritty of today's top celebrities. The Junos are this Sunday, March 30th. The Strumbellas are nominated for "Roots/Traditional Album of the Year - Group". We personally feel they should have been nominated for best R&B/Urban Album of the Year but we don't run the Junos.... Yet.....

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