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Cardboard corn? Scary dehydrated space-spaghetti with mystery flavour packet? Have no fear, the Camp Brand Backcountry Spice kit is here! Finally! Can we get a weeee-hooo! To say that we're pretty darn excited to be releasing our very own created in-house and locally produced backcountry spice kit is an understatement. 

Since launching the Good Food series this past Fall, we've been scratching our noodles, and more specifically thinking about how to season them! With various backcountry camping products and foods already on the market we wanted to put our own spin on things and bring something to all y'all that we wished had existed whenever we got asked that "If you were stranded on a deserted island" question, (you know the one!)

When we landed on the idea to come out with our own portable and tasty spice kit we wanted to cover all the culinary bases while still keeping things fairly light and minimal. We knew we'd need some help from our pals at The Silk Road Spice Merchant- one of our favourite stops in our home city, Calgary! We worked with The Silk Road to develop seven custom spice blends for us, split up between two different spice kits; the Original kit, and the Veggie Lovers kit.

Each kit comes with a custom-made sturdy, reusable, and water repellant zip-up canvas case that contains five different spices, from the classic spicy Inca Fire Salt to our signature Bow River Fish Blend. The spice blends were created with seasoning simple camping meals in mind. No measuring and fussing required! Basically as easy as salt and pepper, but tastier and more refined. And who doesn't want to be known as the most "refined" person on the trail?! #trailcred

So there you have it! The next time someone asks you the million dollar question, you can proudly say "the Camp Backcountry Spice Kit complete with the portable, water-repellent, and custom-made 600-Denier canvas case with Heritage Logo patch”. This is totally going to be our new go-to icebreaker at parties, at least for a little while!

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Photography by: Christina Fast

The Camp Backcountry Spice Kit is a collaborative and handcrafted product created in-house by Camp Brand Goods and produced locally with help from Calgary based spice specialists The Silk Road Spice Merchant

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