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Kaihla Tonai is an intimate wedding and mountain elopement photographer based in Calgary, Canada. She can be found almost always barefoot, drinking black coffee, hanging out with her husband Mark, or touring around in their 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon

For as long as I can remember, my husband Mark and I always shared the dream of owning a VW Vanagon. We made it a plan to seek one out prior to our wedding last July, so that we could spend our honeymoon roadtripping down the Oregon Coast. Granted, we spent a good chunk of time broken down alongside Interstate 95 in Washington; but, we wouldn't trade those memories or the VW community for anything.

After two thousand miles throughout the West Coast, and a few more unforeseen calls to roadside assistance, we've made it a priority to begin exploring our own Canadian backyard with our blue Westy. With being relatively new locals to Calgary, we had no idea exactly how much there is to see even within one hour of the city limits, which is why we're trying to get out weekly all summer long to explore some of these incredible campgrounds, hikes, waterfalls, and mountain ranges.

Our most recent backyard staycation took us out past Bragg Creek to Beaver Flats; a wonderfully secluded campground nestled right next to the Elbow River. Being conveniently located less than 60 minutes from home, all the while still feeling swallowed up by fresh mountain air whenever we need an escape from the city, fits right into our lifestyle. Whenever we need to get outside, we pack up our trusty van; and although she's still the slowest vehicle holding up traffic when driving up a mountainside, we wouldn't have it any other way!

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Photography and words by: Kaihla Tonai

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