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We caught up with local ceramist Lauren, who took our new tees for a spin in her From Tree to Sea studio.


Q. What are you currently working on?

A. A collection of work for my upcoming solo show August 6–8 at the Nvrlnd. boutique. It is a personal exploration of identity, culture and connection as a first generation Canadian from a Chinese-Jamaican family. The goal is to expand on my art practice and challenge myself to experiment with different styles, clay and glazes than I’m used to.

Q. What has making ceramics taught you?

A. Ceramics has taught me a lot about patience and letting go! It is such a long process and things don’t always go the way you’ve planned, so you have to learn to let go of expectations and laugh it off. It also keeps me humble as sometimes the clay has a mind of its own. It’s the type of medium you can really get lost in and you are constantly learning!

Q. Could you share a playlist of music that’s inspiring?

A. Lately I’ve been starting my mornings by hopping on youtube and typing in “cafe jazz [day of the week it is]”, it’s a great, calm way to start off your day.

Q. Where do you find the best coffee/tea/your favourite drink in your studiohood?

A. My favourite spot as of late is Gravity in Inglewood!

Q. Do you have a favourite place to visit for inspiration in the city?

A. I find going for walks / picnics along the Bow River is the best way to clear my mind and slow down — letting inspiration come to me.

Suggested links:

www.fromtreetosea.com, @fromtreetosea on youtube and ig, “out of many, one people” solo show coming Aug 6–8 at Nvrlnd. in Ramsay :-)

Lauren is wearing:

Women’s Everyday Organic Cotton T-Shirt in Orchid

Women’s Hikers Graphic T-Shirt

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