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Welcome to Issue No. 1 of The Goods. Delivered weekly to your inbox; a collection of links our team has approved to be good.

What you're going to get: recommendations, podcasts, recipes, movies, memes, photos, playlists, websites and everything else. It's going to be very internet with little to no focus other than sharing The Goods!

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Let's go!

Leslie cooked crispy sweet sour tofu and it was simply delightful. Tofu hack: Medium tofu, double frozen. So you freeze your pack of tofu, thaw it, freeze it again, and then thaw it before making this. Leslie did the baked version because with a wild 28 month old running around she didn't trust deep frying.
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Meagan watched Q-Ball on Netflix and started a new podcast by the host of another show she really likes. The podcast "debunks junk science behind health fads, wellness scams and nonsensical nutrition advice". This particular episode discusses an odd trend where several journalists eat nothing but Halo Top ice cream for ten days.
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Benjamin spent too long looking at what trees are in the neighbourhood. Zoom in on your street to see individual tree info.
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Lily follows Stephanie, an Asian American ceramicist who makes ceramic groceries that are nostalgic for the diaspora.
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