The Goods ~ Issue No. 2

The Goods ~ Issue No. 2

The Goods ~ Issue No. 2


Welcome to Issue No. 2 of The Goods! Delivered weekly to your inbox; a collection of links our team has approved to be good.

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Connor has been listening to Best of 2020 Smalltown DJs.
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Leslie watched Motherload; a really beautiful story of two professional skiers who are also single mothers - one through divorce and the other through her husband's sudden passing. Their dedication to getting their little ones outdoors is really inspiring.
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Meagan really identified with this Belly Smackin Good print from Jamie Shelmans etsy.
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Benjamin found a couple of great bird hugs on Instagram.
πŸ¦† One & 🦒 Two

Lily stumbled across a podcast from a poet they follow. They interview other poets/authors about "the ideas that move them".
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Jahnelle suggests this super easy, and great for all ages trail.
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